Our History

Chicago 1927


In the City of Al Capone, from the dizzy top of one of the vast new skyscrapers, we see streets teaming with men in sharp suits and homburgs, women in fake fur and pearls, cars and trams dazzling, ceaseless motion. Pan down to street level, past a shoeshine boy and a soda fountain, and into a doorway.

A barbershop, cool and quiet and scented with lavender and eucalyptus. Carved oak fittings, great heavy chairs of leather and chrome and steel, racks of pomades and hair oil. The sound of scissors and combs, running water, and murmured comments. Hot towels, lather and steam.

Except this is today, opened in 2013 by Master Barber Hossein Hamdollahi; a visit to Cutter and Grinder is a unique and out of the ordinary experience.

Hossein first trained 25 years ago. He served a two year apprenticeship in Tehran in a traditional barber shop. He has since gone on to train with Toni&Guy in London, and has innumerable awards and qualifications, including one from the World Federation of Hairdressing.

The beautiful mirrored interior is from a 1920s Chicago barbershop, lovingly restored and refitted by Hossein himself. Every detail is authentic.

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